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:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star::star: Changes for the group! :star::star:


Dear members, watchers and visitors: We noticed to receive many great images and that our test run with more categories works well. As you know, we have the Elite folder in which we showcase work that has great ideas and shows great technical skills.

However, we also receive many images that have good skills but great ideas. We want to showcase these images as well. Our new folder, which is the "Great Ideas" folder, will feature images that have great ideas and concepts with a good skill level.  We think that this increases the chance to feature artists that put all their creative effort into their work, even though they might have to improve their technical skills to reach the Elite Artwork folder.

Short said: Not everyone has great technical skills from the beginning, but everyone can be creative. We want to show not only the great skills, but also great ideas.

The Elite Artworks folder contains: Images with great skills and great ideas

The Great Ideas folder contains: Images with good skills and great ideas


Also, our rules are about to change. For now, we do a test-run and see how things will go.

Additionally to our current allowed categories, we also allow works, per example, conceptual illustrations (per example characterdesign). In the artist's comment has to be shown that this work refers to a fantasy/scifi world.

Per example the category: Digital Art > Paintings & Airbrushing> Illustrations

- Conceptual
- Storybook
- Technical

If these show a scifi or fantasy theme (and match the overall quality we accept) we'll now accept those categories as well.

Same for:

Digital Art > Drawings >Illustrations
- Conceptual
- Storybook
- Technical

And the traditional categories will be accepted as well:

Traditional Art >Paintings >Illustration
- Conceptual
- Storybook
- Technical

As well as:

Traditional Art >Drawings >Illustration
- Conceptual
- Storybook
- Technical

Again: They have to show fantasy or scifi, we must see that the artist shows a fantasy or scifi topic.


Designs & Interfaces >Game Development Art >2D Game Art/ 3D Game Art >Game Concepts & Illustrations might be accepted here. But they have to be REALLY good in our opinion, and show a fantasy or scifi theme.

As we already make exceptions for traditional sculptures, we decided to let 3D sculptures being accepted as well. But as mentioned before - they need to show a scifi or fantasy topic (per example characterdesign). We will be very picky here, so the uploaded work should be really good. (per example sculpted with a software like ZBrush)

Yet we also WON'T allow work showing A LOT OF BLOOD, GORE or TORTURE.

If your image shows a kind of horror (per example a zombie, or horrible creatures) it has to be a kind of "neutral horror". They may look scary, but they shouldn't do something like eating human heads or spitting blood, or similar stuff. Also be sure that, if you have a character-design which is meant to be placed in a horror-game or horror-story, we only will accept these works if they are only visible for adult members. When it comes to "horror" or "scary" things, we'll be strict.

These rules are a test - if it works, you can be sure this group might get lots of great artwork we didn't accept in our past, but will now get the chance to be uploaded into the gallery.

We hope we will be able to improve our group-system from now on and that you get more great work to look at. Read the full rules-section here:…

We wish you a great day.

Gallery-Features (Slideshows) :

:star::star: The old club gallery:…

:star::star: The current gallery:…

:star::star: The Elite Artworks of the current gallery:…

:star::star: And finally the Best of Elite Artworks and the Best of the old gallery at once:…

- :iconmrsgraves::iconbrollonks: (your moderators)

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:NEW LIMIT: You can send us only ONE submission per day!

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:WE ONLY ACCEPT DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS & SCULPTURES (tradi/digi)!

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star: FANTASY
:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star: SURREAL
:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star: SCIENCE FICTION
:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star: ANTHRO
:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves::star: PSYCHEDELIC
:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:ARE WELCOME!

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:READ OUR RULES, PLEASE:… !!!

:new::new::new::new:We founded a second club for all kind of artists: :icongreat-art-collection:
:new::new::new::new:There are many media and categories allowed!
:new::new::new::new:It´s a great art collection!
:new::new::new::new:Join this club - you are very welcome there!

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:Have a wonderful time here!!!

:iconphoto-graves::iconphoto-graves:Many greetings from
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